• Lichenology •

The Inspiration

Lichenology was born in 2011, when we sold our beloved family cabin above Poudre Canyon in Colorado. I looked for a tangible way to hold on to the memory of the property and began collecting small, beautiful artifacts that, when placed together, reconstructed a story about the cabin and what it means to be nourished by a place. 

Since then, I have used my craft as a way to polish my experiences in nature - juxtaposing materials possessing their own, divergent stories to create a piece with a single, unified future. I have seen that everyone finds their own meaning in these pieces - whether through attachment to the physical locations housing the raw materials, the sentimentality of a kind of wood or stone, or the mere tying together of different histories. Thus, each piece is as unique in form as it is in meaning.

My intention is for the wearer of my work to contemplate the meaning of time and how it dictates our relationship with the land.

We all draw deep connections to the lands in which we live and recreate. If you have materials you'd like fashioned into a custom piece, please contact me

Locally Gathered, Handmade

I personally gather and refine all materials used in my work. I sustainably harvest these materials by using deadfall and gathering lichen from several sources to ensure that the processes of decomposition and renewal may continue in each site.

Sharing the natural histories of each material is central to my work, so each necklace is accompanied by a detailed specimen card:

It is remarkable how little any but a lichenist will observe on the bark of trees... They see bark as if they saw it not...
— Henry David Thoreau